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Process Engineer for Large Scale Industrial Project with Semi-conductor Experience

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Process Engineer
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 Lead Process Engineer for Industrial Project with semi-conductor experience for Long term contract

Hourly Rate: €75-80+ per hour DOE


Primary Job Responsibilities  



Under general supervision develops basic engineering designs and specifications on assigned contract; provides process data to environmental groups, reviews and approves equipment RFQ’s, bid tabulations and vendor data; assists in process field work.


Engineering Assignment

Acts as area engineer and/or may be assigned equipment or technical study responsibilities under general supervision.



The basic requirement is a chemical engineering or a relevant science degree. Higher qualifications are an advantage.

Active membership in a professional body, such as the IChemE, ISPE, Parenteral Society, IEI, etc. is expected as a demonstration of self-development and professional qualification.


Roles & Responsibilities    


Proposal Activities: 

·         Assists in proposal activities to ensure that Process Engineering scope is correctly addressed.

·         Assists in developing process design data for the proposal.

·         Assists in identifying previous related jobs and/or designs.

Budgeting / Scheduling:

·         Follows and maintains established schedule for the assigned area. 

·         Contributes to “needs/alert lists” to keep PM advised of items which could adversely affect the schedule.

·         Maintains work output to match schedule requirements.

·         Is able to adjust short term priorities to meet overall schedule requirements.

Process Design Basis         

·         Applies process design criteria, guidelines and contract requirements to process design work. 

·         May be responsible for interacting with licensors, including establishing design basis and licensor evaluation.

·         Applies process design criteria and guidelines to all phases of process engineering.

Flow Diagrams         

·         Prepares flow diagrams and participates in flow diagram reviews.

·         Understands the importance of the flow diagram as a communication tool to other disciplines.

·         Is able to prepare and review flow diagrams with total information to correspond to the flow sequence, operability and the safety of the unit/system.

·         Answers questions, with confidence, from other disciplines and clients as to the requirement/function of each item on the flow sheet.

·         Back checks, updates, and ensures consistency with related design documents such as specification sheets and with other units.

·         Prepares and reviews metallurgy flow diagrams.

Equipment Datasheets       

·         Prepares process and utility equipment specification sheets.  May be responsible for design of a system or a complete unit.

·         Understands importance of the equipment specification sheet as a communication tool with other disciplines.

·         Prepares equipment duty specifications for all equipments including complex equipment such as reactors.

·         Prepares detail design specification for all equipment.

·         Reviews input from other disciplines for compatibility with process design for all

·         equipment.

Control Philosophy            

·         Prepares instrumentation process data.  Assists in establishing control philosophy for relatively complex control systems to meet process objectives, including safety.

·         Prepares control valves process data, relief valve data, analyzer data.

·         Interprets control philosophy of relatively complex control systems.

·         Reviews control systems specification sheets for consistency with process data

·         Reviews logic diagrams for relatively simple loops.

·         Evaluates alternative control strategies to meet process objectives.


·         Performs specifications/calculations and technical studies.

·         Completes conceptual developments of a major system and performs all necessary calculations for process design of systems and equipment within the assigned area.

·         Performs relatively complex technical studies under general supervision.

·         Ensures that calculations are legible, well organized, correctly references as to equipment/system, dated and signed.

Equip Selection/Review      

·         Reviews and approves equipment bid tabulations and vendor data.

·         Expeditiously reviews equipment requests for quotes, purchase requests, bid tabulations and vendor data for conformance to specifications, process compatibility, safety and operability.

·         Ensures consistency of vendor data with other design documents such as flow diagrams, area classifications drawings, utility summaries, etc


·         Develops environmental requirements and provides process data to environmental groups.

·         Works with other groups as necessary to define the environmental requirements for a project.

·         Provides timely and correct process data (emission quantities, compositions, conditions) to environmental groups as requested.

·         Ensures that the process design is in accordance with the environmental requirements.

Plant Safety/Operability      

·         Responsible for performing various process engineering work functions in a manner that will provide a safe and operable plant

·         Understands obligations and authority to make appropriate design decisions necessary for plant safety and operability.

·         Identifies potentially lethal/toxic substances and designs the systems handling those substances in accordance with established Jacobs/Client procedures.

·         Reviews the unit/plant layout for unsafe piping/equipment arrangement and for adequate access to critical valves.

·         Assists in specification of any required safety systems (eye-washers, safety-showers, gas detectors, etc).

Operating Manual                

·         Assists in the production of plant operating manuals.  May assume overall responsibility for manuals relatively less complex units.

·         Understands and applies guidelines developed by others regarding the required contents of the operating manuals.

·         Writes assigned sections of the manuals for complex units or writes complete manuals for less complex units.  The manuals should be technically correct, complete and clearly written.

Field Work                            

·         Assists in process field work.

·         Shows a willingness to accept field assignments to fulfill project requirements (personal circumstances permitting).

·         Performs, under general supervision, a plant checkout as required to ensure flow diagrams and designs have been correctly implemented and all tie-in correctly located.

·         Assists, under general supervision, in operator training programs as required.

·         Assists, under general supervision, in plant start-up and /or plant performance testing as required.

·         Assists, under general supervision, in writing of the Process Final Job Report.

·         Becomes knowledgeable of, and adapts to the construction/operation environment.

Standards and Procedures

·         Assists in developing and upgrading process engineering standards and procedures.

·         Provides assistance in developing and upgrading process engineering standards and procedures in a thorough and timely manner and in conformance with departmental objectives and budgets.

·         Understands and implements the basic process engineering, project and Division standards and procedures in work assignments.


·         Implements training and development of engineers under supervision.

·         Attends training programs as requested and understands the principles given.

·         Develops subordinates through inclusion in technical meetings within the task force and with the client and vendors.

·         Properly delegates work and devotes ample time to answer questions and discussions of work assignments.

·         Maintains and increases associates’ technical knowledge by circulating technical data.

·         As assigned, conducts training on advanced technical aspects of process engineering and administrative procedures.

·         Participates in formal and “on the job” training of personnel from other departments.

Other Duties                         

·         Responsible for performing other work assignments as required by the supervisor.

·         Understands and meets the requirements of the assignment.