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Fire Officer/Infrastructural Safety Officer for Galway

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Health And Safety Officer
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The Fire Safety Officer will be responsible for premises and locations assigned to him/her for the following: 

  • Regular inspections of buildings, means of escape and all fire-fighting equipment and ensuring that all such equipment is properly located, well marked, in good repair and in good working order.
  • Reviewing and, as necessary, drawing up of fire orders, including evacuation schemes for the various types of building and institution, including schemes for evacuation of all persons with particular regard to mentally ill and non-ambulant patients and to draw up fire plans of all assigned buildings and premises..
  •  Regular and routine inspection of places, premises and equipment, which present a special risk of fire and reporting any breaches of the fire prevention code.
  • Instruction of staff in each premises in:

         (a)   Avoidance of fire hazards.
         (b)   Summoning of the fire brigade.
         (c)   Operation of the fire alarm and fire equipment, and means of escape.
         (d)  Curtailment of an outbreak of fire, pending the arrival of the fire brigade, prevention of smoke spread and evacuation of danger areas.

  •  Arranging regular fire drills in each institution and ensuring that they are properly carried out.
  •  Monitoring, by having regular tests carried out, the water supply in all divisions of each institution, to ensure that it is of sufficient volume and pressure for fire fighting purposes and reporting any deficiencies in this regard.  Ensuring that all hydrants are clearly identified.
  •  Advising as appropriate regarding interpretation of Health Technical Memorandums, Fire Protection Standards and Building Regulations issued by the Government Departments and ensuring their implementation.
  •  Monitoring all means of escape to ensure that they are both safe and adequate and at all times, kept operative and clearly indicated.
  •  Keeping proper records of all inspections, fires, evacuation drills, fire-fighting equipment and such other matters relating to his/her office as Fire Safety Officer


    Hold a HETAC level 7 qualification (NQF) in engineering, fire engineering, architecture, Health and Safety or Building Services/Building Survey


  Have two years experience in comparable Fire and Safety  role

Salary : €45-60k DOE